Boise State–Fresno State football rivalry

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Boise State–Fresno State football rivalry
Teams Boise State Broncos
Fresno State Bulldogs
First Meeting 1977
Trophy Originated 2005
All-Time Series Boise State leads 13–5
Trophy Series Boise State leads 8–2
Current Holder Boise State

The Boise State–Fresno State football rivalry is an American college football rivalry between the Boise State Broncos football team of Boise State University and Fresno State Bulldogs football team of California State University, Fresno. The Milk Can is the trophy that is awarded to the winner of the game. It was created in 2005, but was not ready in time for the annual match in Fresno, which was won by the Bulldogs. It made its first appearance in 2006, when the Broncos carried it off the field. The series, however, dates back to 1977.

Boise State's planned move to the Big East Conference in football for 2013 meant that the future of the series was in doubt. However, after major instability in the Big East, culminating in a mass exodus of seven schools in December 2012, Boise State decided to stay in the Mountain West, ensuring the future of the rivalry. But with Boise State and Fresno State being placed in opposite football divisions starting in 2013 (with no guaranteed cross-divisional games), the series is currently scheduled to be interrupted in 2015 and 2016 in the regular season. They may still play each other in the Mountain West Championship Game.

History of the trophy[edit]

Boise State celebrates with the Milk Can in 2014.

The idea for a trophy as the prize for the newly arranged interstate rivalry was hatched by two separate dairy groups that decided to get involved with their local football programs. California (No. 1) and Idaho (No. 4) are two of the nation's leading dairy producers.[1] The South Valley Dairy Group began raising money for Bulldog football in 2001; the Bronco Dairy Boosters began contributing to Boise State in 2005. Two dairymen and friends in these organizations, Dan Van Grouw of Meridian, Idaho (in the Boise metropolitan area) and Roger Fluegel of Visalia, California (in Fresno State's home of the San Joaquin Valley), put forward the idea of a traveling trophy and began the administrative process. There was positive feedback from the teams, coaches, and fans, but an "administrative changeover" kept the trophy off the field for the 2005 game, though the Bulldogs' 27–7 victory is the first listed on the can.

Game results[edit]


Boise State victories shaded in ██ blue. Fresno State victories are shaded in ██ red.


Boise State victories shaded in ██ blue. Fresno State victories are shaded in ██ red.