Mine Safety and Health Act of 1977

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The Federal Mine Safety and Health Act of 1977 (Public Law 95-164) amended the Coal Mine Safety and Health Act of 1969. It can be found in the United States Code under Title 30, Mineral Lands and Mining, Chapter 22, Mine Safety and Health. Enacted November 9, 1977, it took effect 120 days later.

Main provisions[edit]

  • combination of coal, metal and non metal mines under single legislation
  • retention of separate health and safety standards for coal mining
  • transfer of enforcement from the Department of Interior to the Department of Labor
  • renaming of the Mine Enforcement Safety Administration (MESA) as Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA)
  • four annual inspections of underground coal mines
  • two annual inspections of all surface mines
  • elimination of advisory standards for metal and nonmetal mines
  • discontinuation of state enforcement plans
  • mandating of miner training
  • requirement of mine rescue teams for all underground mines
  • provision of increased involvement of miners and their representatives in health and safety activities


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