Minor Details

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Minor Details
Directed by John Lyde
Screenplay by Coppelia Agle
Kenneth Agle
Sally Meyer
Anne M. Edwards
Starring Kelsey Edwards
Caitlin EJ Meyer
Danielle Chuchran
Jennette McCurdy
Lauren Faber
Language English

Minor Details is a 2009 film by John Lyde of MainStay Productions and written by Sally Meyer and Anne M. Edwards starring Kelsey Edwards, Caitlin EJ Meyer, Danielle Chuchran, Lauren Faber, Jennette McCurdy, Emma Duke, Savannah Jayde Gipson, Brady Edwards, Andrew Cottrill, and Elijah Thomas playing students at the boarding school Danforth Academy who try to solve the mystery of why different groups of students are getting sick for no apparent reason.


During the film, someone is trying to make the students sick at the upscale boarding school, Danforth Academy. The characters Abby, Paige, Claire and Taylor join forces to solve the mystery. Other characters, who could be potential suspects, include Mia and Riley - two girls who have everything that money can buy; Emily - the know-it-all Principal's daughter; the wacky Sean Meneskie, and the school's strange Professor Plume. The four best friends must find out who it is. In the end they find out that it was Mia and her family to get more money from the vending machines(her dad's company).[1]


The title track is "Secret Identity", written and performed by Brittnee Belt.[2] Two other tracks, "So Far Away" and "Scratch", were written and performed by Lissa Lauria.[3]


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