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Missing persons is a generic term used in Pakistan to refer to the alleged ostensibly hundreds of persons in Pakistan who have been forcefully disappeared after having been accused of assisting terrorist organizations.

People who have at any point gone missing[edit]

The term Missing Person also includes people who were secretly abducted, but whose tortured dead bodies were found a few days later. In some cases, the court has demanded that the officials concerned allow the person in their custody to appear before the court. However, immediately after the court verdict, their dead bodies are found by their relatives.[citation needed]

Some have reported to have been handed over to the CIA and/or flown to Bagram, Afghanistan and later shipped off to Guantanemo Bay. Reports of forced abductions by the Pakistani state first began arising in 2001, in the aftermath of the United States invasion of Afghanistan and the commencement of the US-led War on Terror.[1] Many of the missing persons are activists associated with the secular Baloch nationalist and Sindhi nationalist movements.[1]

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