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For the other MTR station in Mong Kok, see Mong Kok Station.
"Yaumati Station" redirects here. For the other MTR station, see Yau Ma Tei Station.
Mong Kok East
Hong Kong MTR rapid transit station
Appearance of Mong Kok East Station
(Captured from Yim Po Fong Street)
Hong Kong MTR system map
Hong Kong MTR system map
Location of Mong Kok East Station in Hong Kong
Station location and services
Line  East Rail Line
Code MKK
District Yau Tsim Mong/
Kowloon City
Area Mong Kok
Coordinates 22°19′20″N 114°10′22″E / 22.3222°N 114.1728°E / 22.3222; 114.1728Coordinates: 22°19′20″N 114°10′22″E / 22.3222°N 114.1728°E / 22.3222; 114.1728
Service hours 0528-0107
Station design
Livery  darkgreen
Structure Elevated
Platforms 3
Type of platforms Island (1, 2)/ Side (3)
Exits 4
Shops 5
Opened 1 October 1910
Rebuilt 4 May 1982
Rail services
Preceding station   MTR logo notext.svg MTR   Following station
East Rail Line
towards Lo Wu or Lok Ma Chau

Mong Kok East Station
Traditional Chinese 旺角東
Simplified Chinese 旺角东
Literal meaning Flourishing Corner East

Mong Kok East Station (Chinese: 旺角東站), formerly Yaumati Station (Chinese: 油蔴地車站) and Mong Kok Station (Chinese: 旺角車站), is a station on Hong Kong's East Rail Line. Only out-of-system interchange is available with Kwun Tong Line and Tsuen Wan Line at Mong Kok Station via a footbridge.

The station, initially named Yaumati Station, was constructed on 1 October 1910 to cope with the opening of the British Section of Kowloon-Canton Railway.[1] The station was later renamed as Mong Kok Station. In 1983, the station was rebuilt. A temporary station was in use just to the south (towards Hung Hom) during reconstruction. After the takeover of KCR operations by the MTR Corporation on 2 December 2007, the station was renamed to Mong Kok East Station because the MTR-KCR merger causes name conflict with Mong Kok Station on the Tsuen Wan and Kwun Tong Lines.

Although the station is in the same region and quite close to Mong Kok Station, the fares are quite different from each other.

It is connected to Grand Century Place, a large scale shopping mall.

Station layout[edit]

- Overlaying properties Grand Century Place
Mezzanine Staff only area, MTRShop (MX Fastfood)
Concourse Exits, a transport interchange
Customer Service Centres, toilets
shops, vending machines, ATMs
Platform 1  East Rail Line towards Lo Wu or Lok Ma Chau (Kowloon Tong)
 East Rail Line termination platform (some rush-hour trips) →
Island platform, doors will open on the left or right
Platform 2  East Rail Line towards Lo Wu or Lok Ma Chau (Kowloon Tong)
Platform 3  East Rail Line towards Hung Hom (Terminus)
Side platform, doors will open on the left

Platform 1 is very narrow and it is the terminus platform for some southbound trains during peak hours. The platforms are curved and the platform gap is relatively large compared to other MTR stations.


  • A: Government Offices Carpark
  • B: Mongkok Government Offices
  • C: Sai Yee Street
  • D: Grand Century Place

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