A Morning with Farah

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Morning with Farah
A Morning with Farah opening scene
Directed by Zagham ul Islam
Presented by Farah Hussain
Country of origin Pakistan
Original language(s) Urdu
Executive producer(s) Farah Hussain
Running time 55 minutes
Original channel ATV
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A Morning with Farah or Morning with Farah is a Pakistani Breakfast television show. The show originates from Islamabad[1] and it is aired on a private television channel ATV from Monday to Friday from 09:05 AM to 10:00 AM Pakistan Standard Time.[2] Farah Hussain is the host and executive producer and Zagham ul Islam is the director of the show.[3]


Presented as a light interview chat show, each episode has a live telephone call and features prominent personalities, fitness, self grooming and fashion tips, jewelry designs, delicious recipes etc.

Celebrity guests[edit]

The show has featured a wide variety of celebrities ranging from actors, musicians, stand up comedians to politician, scholars etc.

Celebrities that have been featured on the show include:


Celebration of Islamic festivals[edit]

This show celebrates Islamic festivals like Ramadan, Jashne eid milad unnabi, Moharram with great respect.[1]



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