Mousa Ali

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Mousa Ali
Mousa Ali is located in Djibouti
Mousa Ali
Mousa Ali
Location of Mousa Ali in Djibouti (on tri-point border with Eritrea and Ethiopia)
Elevation 2,021 m (6,631 ft)[1][2]
Prominence 1,607 m (5,272 ft)[1][3]
Listing Country high point
Location Tadjourah, Djibouti /
Southern Red Sea, Eritrea /
Afar, Ethiopia
Range Denakil[3]
Coordinates 12°28′15″N 42°24′18″E / 12.47083°N 42.40500°E / 12.47083; 42.40500Coordinates: 12°28′15″N 42°24′18″E / 12.47083°N 42.40500°E / 12.47083; 42.40500[1]
Type Stratovolcano
Last eruption Holocene

The Mousa Ali Volcano is a 2,021 metres (6,631 ft) stratovolcano located on the tri-point borders of Ethiopia, Eritrea and Djibouti. The volcano is the highest point in Djibouti. The volcano's summit is truncated by a caldera, which contains rhyolitic lava domes and lava flows.[2] The last known eruption occurred before the Holocene era.

Mousa Ali is situated at the tri-point of the Tadjourah Region of Djibouti; the Southern Red Sea Region of Eritrea; and the Afar Region of Ethiopia.

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