Mulroy Bay

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Mulroy Bay, Co. Donegal.

Mulroy Bay (Irish: Cuan na Maoil Ruaidh[1]) is a relatively small bay / sea loch on the north coast of County Donegal, Ireland.

Mulroy Bay is the most convoluted of the marine inlets in north-west Ireland. It is approximately 12 km long in a north-south direction. The entrance to the bay is a narrow embayment leading to a winding entrance channel 10 km in length. This channel varies in width and depth, with three significant narrows only 100–150 m across, where the current reaches maxima of 3-5 knots. It opens into the Broad Water, an open shallow sea lough 8 km from north to south and 2.5 km from east to west, generally less than 20 m in depth and with many small rocky islands and islets.[2][3]

Settlements founded on the bay include Milford, Kerrykeel and Cranford.


Mulroy Bay has extensive Fish and Shellfish farming operations. Mussels, Scallops and Salmon are grown on a commercial basis.

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Coordinates: 55°09′N 7°41′W / 55.150°N 7.683°W / 55.150; -7.683