Murasaki Baby

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Murasaki Baby
Developer(s) Ovosonico
Publisher(s) Sony Computer Entertainment
Director(s) Massimo Guarini
Composer(s) Gianni Ricciardi
Akira Yamaoka[1]
Platform(s) PlayStation Vita
Release date(s) September 2014
Distribution Digital download

Murasaki Baby is an upcoming side-scrolling game developed by Ovosonico exclusively for the PlayStation Vita.[2] The game is directed by Massimo Guarini[3] who previously worked on the games Killer7, No More Heroes and Shadows of the Damned.

The games art direction follows the style of Edward Gorey. The main character, known as Baby, has dark shadows under her eyes and a mouth of sharp teeth on her forehead. She is carrying a heart shaped balloon as well as many other enemies in the game.

The game world is a world populated by children’s fantasies and fears. Using the Vita touch pad, a player must guide Baby through the world.[4] By popping the balloons a player can change the mood of the world.

The game will have four playable worlds and should take about four hours to complete.[5] Current status is considered alpha with the developer Ovosonico working on improving framerate to give the game a more fluid feel. Demos that the gaming website Polygon have played showed some minor slowdowns.


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