Mutarazi Falls

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Mutarazi Falls (often spelt Mtarazi Falls) is a 762 m (2,499 ft) free-leaping waterfall of two delicate tiers, in the Honde Valley in the Nyanga National Park of Zimbabwe. The falls occur at a point where the Mtarazi river flows over the edge of the eastern escarpment of Zimbabwe's highlands.

The waterfall is the 17th seventeeth highest in the world and the second highest in Africa. The falls present an impressive sight of two almost indistinguishable drops as the river flows over the cliff face. The river flows all year round and the waterfall is most impressive in the late summer period (February to April) when there is the greatest flow. At the end of the short dry season, October, the flow is much reduced.

Location: 18°29′03″S 32°47′33″E / 18.4842°S 32.7925°E / -18.4842; 32.7925


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