My Name Is Brain Brian

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My Name Is Brain Brian
Author Jeanne Betancourt
Language English
Genre Fictional
Publisher Scholastic

My Name is Brain Brian is a children's novel written by the author of the Pony Pals series, Jeanne Betancourt. First published in 1993, it is a contemporary story which focuses on studying and dyslexia.


Toomey family[edit]

Characters Description
Brian Toomey Main character
Roy and Ellen's middle son
Hilary's younger brother and Tyson's older brother
Roy Toomey Supporting character
Brian's father
Ellen's husband
Albert's son
Ellen Toomey Supporting character
Brian's mother
Roy's wife
Hilary Toomey Supporting character
Ray and Ellen's daughter
Tyson Toomey Main character
Roy and Ellen's youngest son
Grandpa "Al" Albert Roy's father
Brian, Hilary and Tyson's grandfather

Jokers Club[edit]

Characters Description
Brian Toomey See "Toomey Family"
Dan Main character
Not-so-Joker Joker
Turned good besides Brian
John Fedray Main character
Oldest Joker
Most cunning Joker
Richie Supporting character
Turned nasty besides John

Sharon Center School[edit]

Characters Description
Ms. Freedman School's principal
Mr. Bigham Main character
Brian's teacher hi
Mrs. Samuels Supporting character
Brian's tutor
Ms. Olgey Ex-teacher
A pushover
Mr. Dithers History teacher
Mr. Firestone Physical Education teacher
Ms. Wings Geography teacher


Characters Description
Isabel Morris Main character
Nasty at first turned into good girl
"Jay" Jason Preston Nerd
Isabel's friend
Caroline Betty Quiet girl
Charlene Isabel's rival
Beth Isabel's rival
Mona Isabel's rival
Ann Ordinary classmate
Brad Ordinary classmate
Sasha Ordinary classmate
Karen Andrews Ordinary classmate
Kevin Abbot Ordinary classmate
Carlos Reader
Ordinary classmate
Maria Girl football player
Ordinary classmate
Tony Reader
Ordinary classmate
Zeth Ordinary classmate


Characters Description
John Fedray See "Jokers Club"
Richie See "Jokers Club"
Mac Supporting character
Eight-grade biggest bully
Teddy Mac's right-hand man
Youngest bully
Steve Bully
Josh Newcomer bully


Characters Description
Dr. Ruth Jenny Helps Brian overcome dyslexia
Dr. Penny Per Ordinary clinic doctor