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Mystery Hole is located in Ansted, West Virginia, near Hawks Nest State Park and Cathedral Falls in West Virginia.

Mystery Hole, immediately adjacent to the Midland Trail (U.S. Route 60) in Fayette County advertises itself as a gravity-defying wonder. It is reminiscent of tourist traps of days gone by. It includes side show-esque attractions such as balls that roll up hill. There is also a Volkswagen Beetle, chopped in half, seemingly crashed into the side of the building.

The Mystery Hole is an underground series of rooms where the walls and floors are built at angles to give the impression that there is something wrong with the gravity in the area. There is one section where water seemingly flows upwards and the tour guide sits on the chair with two legs floating in the air and other two legs supported by the wall.[1]

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Coordinates: 38°7′26.5″N 81°8′28.1″W / 38.124028°N 81.141139°W / 38.124028; -81.141139