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"OKB-52" and "TsKBM" redirect here. For related design bureaus and manufacturing plants see Myasishchev and Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center.

NPO Mashinostroyeniya (Cyrillic: "НПО машиностроения") is a rocket design bureau based in Reutov, Russia. During the Cold War it was responsible for several major weapons systems, including the SS-19 Intercontinental ballistic missile and the military Almaz space station program.

NPO Mashinostroyeniya was founded in 1944, under the leadership of Vladimir Chelomei who directed till his death in 1984. Originally part of the OKB-51 design bureau, it relocated to Reutov, and from 1955 to 1966 was designated OKB-52 (and also OKB-52 MAP). It was the main rival of OKB-1 (then the design bureau of Sergey Korolev) during the Soviet manned lunar programs and the Soviet space station program – OKB-52 became later known as TsKBM and OKB-1 became TsKBEM, today RSC Energia.[1]

India is NPO's second largest customer after Russia for sale of P-70 Ametist, BrahMos, P-800 Oniks and possibly the P-500 Bazalt


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