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Nadya Hutagalung at the LG New Chocolate Phone launching event, in Hong Kong, November 2009

Nadya Yuti Hutagalung, born 28 July 1974 in indonesia, has been a model, film actress, was one of the first VJs on MTV Asia (1995), TV host, VJ for the USA MTV, MediaWorks artiste, painter and jewellery designer. Her father, Ricky, born 1951, is Indonesian (Batak), and her mother, Dianne, born 1950, is Australian.

She married Desmond Koh at the Uma Ubud[1] in Bali on 16 December 2006. Nadya is an eco-activist, eco-centric jewellery designer and well known personality in Singapore and Asia.

She launched her own sustainable jewelry line called OSEL meaning ŒClear Light¹ in Tibetan and is a practicing Buddhist.[2] Nadya is currently the host of Asia's Next Top Model.


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