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Nathan (Hebrew: נתן, Modern Natan Tiberian Nāṯān) was the third of four sons born to King David and Bathsheba in Jerusalem.[1] He was the younger brother of Solomon.

In the New Testament, the genealogy of Jesus' stepfather Joseph according to the Gospel of Luke traces Joseph's (who was thought by the Jews to be the father of Jesus) lineage back to King David through the line of Nathan,[2] The Gospel of Matthew traces Jesus's maternal genealogy through Solomon.[3] This can be seen in a careful counting of the genealogy (given in Matthew Chapter 1) according to the given format. Which is 3 sets of 14 individuals each representing 1 generation.[4] Confusion often arises from verse 16 which calls the Joseph mentioned "the husband of Mary," which puts this genealogy in conflict with that of Joseph in Luke chapter 3. One explanation offered is that the greek word anēr, (51 occurances) translated Man [39 times] ; Husband [12 times], meaning "man" was referring to Mary's father instead of her husband. This fits even better with the word used in the Aramaic (Syriac) text "gavra" (transliterated), which literally means "mighty man," and would be used of the head of a household.[5] As Mary was not yet married to Joseph, it might be supposed that the head of her house was her father. This clears up the issue of 2 missing generations from the last set of 14 in the series.

Nathan is also mentioned to be the son of David in 2 Samuel 5:14, & 1 Chronicles 3:5 & 14:4.

The Curse of Jeremiah: In Jeremiah Chapter 22:30, God curses the king of Judah, so that His power may come through David, and Solomon. Further study encouraged*

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