National Federation of Fish Friers

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National Federation of Fish Friers
Abbreviation NFFF
Formation 1913
Legal status Non-profit organisation
Purpose Fish and chip shops in the UK
Region served UK
Membership 8,500 fish and chip shops
General Secretary Denise Dodd[1]
Main organ NFFF Executive Council
Affiliations Seafish

The National Federation of Fish Friers (NFFF) is a British trade association for the fish and chips trade.


Its headquarters are in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Standard membership as of 2009 is £122 a year. It has 12 regions.


It was founded in 1913 and has about 8,500 members.[2]


It runs training courses[3] and speaks for the trade.[4][5][6] It runs the Customer Service Skills and Fish Frying Skills qualifications for the Seafish authority.


It runs the Young Fish Frier of the Year Award.


Its monthly magazine The Fish Friers Review (no apostrophe) was founded as The National Fish Caterers’ Review in 1925.[7]

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