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Native Instruments
Privately Held Corporation
Industry Computer software and hardware for music production/performance
Founded Berlin (1996 (1996))
Headquarters Berlin, Germany
Key people
  • Daniel Haver (CEO)
  • Mate Galic (CTO)[1]
Products Traktor, Komplete, Maschine
Number of employees

Native Instruments is a technology company that develops software and hardware for music production and DJ-ing. The company was originally known for their software instruments, but has also expanded its product line to include various other music equipment segments in recent years.[3]

Current products of Native Instruments include software synthesizers, samplers and effect processors, sound libraries and emulations of acoustic instruments, groove production systems and audio interfaces, as well as various products for computer-based DJing that include DJ software, Digital Vinyl Systems, hardware controllers and specific DJ audio interfaces.

Native Instruments was founded in 1996 in the Kreuzberg district of Berlin, Germany, where its headquarters are still located. It also has branches in Los Angeles, Tokyo, Shenzhen and London. The company also holds a partnership with the online music store Beatport.[4]

Notable Products[edit]

Kirk Pearson's 2013 composition "Light Rain in Oberlin" utilizes both Absynth and Kontakt to generate a rainstorm through subtractive synthesis.
  • Absynth: a software synthesizer that combines subtractive synthesis, simple sampling and granular synthesis.
  • Battery: a software drum sampler with effects processing.
  • B4: emulator for vintage Hammond, Farfisa, Vox Continental and harmonium. (discontinued)
  • FM8: a FM-based software synthesizer with an emphasis on sound morphing and arpeggiation. It can load presets for the Yamaha DX-family and serve as DX-7 emulator.
  • Guitar Rig: a modular software effect processor for vocals, acoustic and electric instruments.
  • Kontakt: a software sampler capable of loading aiff and wav samples, process samples using effects, and engine customisation by scripting.
  • Maschine: a rhythm machine similar to Battery, capable of hosting VST plugins, and which works in conjunction with a hardware pad controller of the same name.
  • Massive: a wavetable-based software synthesizer with an emphasis on bass and lead sounds.
  • Kore: a standalone or VST/AU plugin plugin-chainer and preset librarian for other plugins with hardware controller, capable of three-dimensional preset morphing. (discontinued)
  • Pro-53::a software synthesizer emulation of the Prophet 5 (discontinued).
  • Reaktor: a modular software music studio, developed for custom synth/FX design and hosting pre-designed modules.
  • Traktor: DJ software.


  • Komplete, including various products, such as synthesizers and effects processors, presets and samples.[5] As of September 2014, versions offered are:
  • Komplete 10, including 39 products, 12,000 Sounds and 130 GB of samples.
  • Komplete 10 Ultimate, including a total of 75 products, 17,000 sounds and 440 GB of samples.


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