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The New Zealand Mint is a privately owned company in Auckland, New Zealand.[1] It is the only privately owned mint in New Zealand, purchasing refined gold from international sources to produce coins. The company trades in precious metals including gold bullion, and is a physical storage provider.

New Zealand Mint has been minting legal tender commemorative coins, gold bullion and medallions for more than four decades. As New Zealand's only precious metal mint and one of the first world mints to adopt the .9999 standard for gold coin purity, New Zealand Mint prides itself on high quality design and production work. In 2009, New Zealand Mint opened the Bullion Exchange, the first of its kind in New Zealand which offers a comprehensive service for buying and selling gold and silver bullion as well as on-site insured storage. Leading the way with innovative, coloured, silver and gold commemorative coins, New Zealand Mint is known globally for quality and design excellence.

New Zealand Mint is a world leader in the production and marketing of Fine Gold and Silver Collectible. New Zealand Mint is best known for its officially Licenced Disney Collectible Coins and Doctor Who coins, sold around the world.

The mint does not produce bank notes or coins of the New Zealand dollar - those coins are minted primarily at the Royal Mint and Royal Canadian Mint for the Reserve Bank of New Zealand.[2]


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