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For the Philippine newscast, see News Central (Philippine TV program).

News Central was a primetime newscast on television stations in the United States owned by the Sinclair Broadcast Group, mixing locally produced news with nationally produced news and an opinion segment from Sinclair's Hunt Valley, Maryland studios. News Central ended all newscasts effective March 31, 2006; after that date, its stations either did their newscasts on their own, outsourced their newscast to a larger station in the market, or cancelled their newscasts entirely. Others, like WSMH, teamed up with non-affiliate stations in their market to either simulcast other stations' newscasts or jointly produce a news program. WYZZ and WUHF went into LMAs with other stations in their markets.

News Central still produces a one-minute national news brief for Sinclair stations, called Washington Newsroom, and formerly produced their nightly The Point commentary until it ended after the November 30, 2006 edition. It also provides weather updates and forecasts during national morning news programs on select Sinclair stations that are void of local weather staff, including WTWC in Tallahassee, Florida. The segments feature weather anchor Tony Pagnotti.