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Nick Robinson is a British paperfolder. He was awarded the Sydney French medal in 2004 by the British Origami Society and is a Honorary Member of the British Origami Society.

He has folded a kaleidoscope of projects over the course of his career, but is drawn to folding containers, masks, and simple designs.


Robinson is a prolific author, having written over 50 books of origami. Some of the books written by Robinson include:

You can also find diagrams for folding some of Robinson's original models on his personal website.


Robinson is an experienced origami teacher who has taught paper folding classes to both children and adults. He has given lessons at schools, youth clubs, hospitals, art galleries, libraries, and shopping centers, teaching Swiss, Italian, German, French, Japanese, and Austrian students.

Commercial Work[edit]

Robinson has used his origami skills in several different commercial projects over the course of his career, including creating a trophy for the British Book Design and Production Awards and designing models for Kelloggs "Art Attack" promotion. He also created origami models as part of an effort to promote a book called "The Airman" by Eion Colfer.

Personal Life[edit]

Although he has been working as a professional origami teacher since 1984, Robinson was formerly a professional musician, performing with Typhoon Saturday, the Comsat Angels and Neil Ardley.


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