Nicos Solomonides

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Nicos Solomonides
To klouvi me tis trelles (The Cage)
(Greek: Το κλουβί με τις Τρελλές)
Nicos Solomonides (outside).jpg
Full name "Limassol Co-operative Bank - Nicos Solomonides"
(Greek: Αίθ. Συν. Ταμ. Λεμεσού - Νίκος Σολωμονίδης)[1]
Former names Melford Arena
Location Limassol, Cyprus
Coordinates 34°40′11.65″N 33°01′35.59″E / 34.6699028°N 33.0265528°E / 34.6699028; 33.0265528Coordinates: 34°40′11.65″N 33°01′35.59″E / 34.6699028°N 33.0265528°E / 34.6699028; 33.0265528
Owner AEL Limassol
Capacity 2,500
Built 2005
Opened October 26, 2005

Nicos Solomonides is an indoor arena in Limassol, Cyprus. It is the home venue of AEL basketball team and has a capacity of 2,500 seats.[2] The name was given after a former president of the club.[3]

The arena features the club's offices, official club shop, a cafe-restaurant, workout area and 12 VIP boxes.

It is also the base for AEL's women's basketball and volleyball clubs.


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