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NIDO (also written 'Nido') is a powdered milk supplement manufactured by Nestlé.


Nido is a Dry Whole Milk as opposed to Non or Low Fat Milk. Because of this it has a creamier flavor and more calories. [1]

Although there is no age recommendation,[2] marketing is featured around children over three years of age with the tagline "Nutritious Milk for Growing Kids". Nido boasts a fortified formula that includes calcium and vitamin D, and is said to contribute to over twenty essential ingredients a growing child needs.


The nutritionally-enriched product has become a competitor for other milk-based drinks. It also faces scrutiny from supporters of natural milk consumption, including those who promote breastfeeding.[citation needed]


Nido is available in Mexico, Asia (under the name Nespray, except the Philippines where it is still Nido. In Indonesia, this milk is named Dancow), Middle East, most of Africa, most of South America and Canada. Nido has also became available in some parts of the United States (Particularily in New York City Where a higher international Global Proportions throughout/around the US and the world). Usually, Nido is found in most Wal-Marts in the Hispanic Foods aisle as well as in the World Market. It has also recently become available in the UK.

In Spain, Nestlé Purina PetCare sells bird food under the brand Nido.[3]


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