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Location 1599 North Clybourn Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60642
Coordinates 41°54′38″N 87°38′57″W / 41.910655°N 87.649177°W / 41.910655; -87.649177
Owned by City of Chicago
Platforms 2 side platforms


Depth 23 ft
Structure type Subway
Bicycle facilities Yes
Opened October 17, 1943
Rebuilt 2010 (station house renovated)
Passengers (2014) 2,050,476[1]Increase 6.8%
Rank 31 out of 143[a]
Preceding station   Chicago "L"   Following station
toward Howard
Red Line
Route map
Red Line
northwest to Howard
Red Line
southeast to 95th/Dan Ryan
North/Clybourn (CTA station) is located in Chicago
North/Clybourn (CTA station)

North/Clybourn (read as "North and Clybourn") is an 'L' station on the CTA's Red Line. It is a subway station with two side platforms, located at 1599 North Clybourn Avenue, in the of Near North Side neighborhood of Chicago, at the southeastern edge of the commercial Clybourn Corridor. North/Clybourn station is located at the intersection of North Avenue, Halsted Street, and Clybourn Avenue. North/Clybourn was opened on October 17, 1943.


Apple advertising rights[edit]

On August 12, 2009, the Chicago Transit Board approved an ordinance granting Apple Inc. advertising rights to the station and the exclusive lease of the bus turnaround for nearly ten years in exchange for refurbishing and landscaping both. The project is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2010, and the amount paid by Apple to refurbish the station and bus turnaround is not to exceed $3,897,000.[2]

Bus connections[edit]


  • #8 Halsted
  • #N9 Ashland (Owl Service)
  • #72 North
  • #132 Goose Island Express

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  1. ^ Due to possible double-counting of physically-connected stations, the CTA's official 2014 tally of stations was 145, but for ridership purposes reported having only 143 stations.


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