North Louth (UK Parliament constituency)

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North Louth
Former County constituency
for the House of Commons
Number of members One
Replaced by Louth
Created from Dundalk and Louth

North Louth was a parliamentary constituency in Ireland, which returned one Member of Parliament (MP) to the House of Commons of the Parliament of the United Kingdom from 1885 to 1918. Prior to the 1885 general election and after the dissolution of Parliament in 1918 the area was part of the Louth constituency.


This constituency comprised the northern part of County Louth. The seat was defined under the Redistribution of Seats Act 1885 as comprising the baronies of Louth, Lower and Upper Dundalk, the parish of Killany. and that part of the parish of Louth included in the Barony of Ardee.

Members of Parliament[edit]

Election Member Party
1885 Joseph Nolan Irish Parliamentary Party
1891 Parnellite
1892 Timothy Michael Healy Anti-Parnellite
1900 Healyite Nationalist
January 1910 All-for-Ireland League
December 1910 Richard Hazleton Irish Parliamentary Party
1911 by-election Augustine Roche Irish Parliamentary Party
1916 by-election Patrick J. Whitty Irish Parliamentary Party
1918 constituency abolished: see County Louth



Joseph Nolan (Official Nationalist) 2581

Philip Callan (Independent Nationalist) 1451


Joseph Nolan (uncontested)


T. M. Healy (Anti-Parnellite) 2268

Philip Callan (Independent Nationalist) 1569


T. M. Healy (Anti-Parnellite) 2294

Joseph Nolan (Parnellite) 1433


T. M. Healy (Independent Nationalist) 1604

E. H. Burker (Official Nationalist) 1285


T. M. Healy (uncontested)

January 1910

T. M. Healy (All-for-Ireland League) 2432

Richard Hazleton (Official Nationalist) 2333

December 1910

Richard Hazleton (Official Nationalist) 2509

T. M. Healy (All-for-Ireland League) 2021

1911 by-election The general election result was overturned by petition.

Augustine Roche (uncontested)

1916 by-election Roche had died.

P. J. Whitty (Official Nationalist) 2299

Bernard Hamill (Independent Nationalist) 1810