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Coordinates: 35°29′12″N 23°47′13″E / 35.48667°N 23.78694°E / 35.48667; 23.78694 The Olive tree of Vouves (Greek Ελιά Βουβών) is an olive tree in the village of Ano Vouves in the municipal unit of Kolymvari in Chania regional unit, Crete, Greece. It is probably one of the oldest olive trees in the world and still produces olives today. The use of tree ring analysis has proven the tree to be at least 2000 years old.[1] On the other end of the scale, scientists from the University of Crete have estimated it to be 4,000 years old.[2] The trunk has a perimeter of 12.5 m and a diameter of 4.6 m. It belongs to the variety tsounati. It is considered by some a natural monument. Current research in Crete and abroad, indicates that earlier estimates of the age of olive trees are to be debated as far as their accuracy. There is not yet an agreed upon scientific method established to ascertain the ages of olives. In the case of the Vouves Olive, it could be much younger than earlier estimates indicated or for example the ancient tree in Finix (Sfakia).

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