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OpenLife Grid
Developer(s) 3DX (山帝斯有限公司)
Engine Proprietary (3DXServer), GPL(Viewer), open source software
Physics: ODE
Microsoft Windows
Mac OS X (10.4.11 or higher)
Linux i686
Release date(s) Sept 27, 2007
Distribution Download

The OpenLife Grid is a community virtual world developed by the team at 3DX. Founded in November 2007 by Australian Steve Sima, Avatar: Sakai Openlife, Steve is also the project lead and company president at 3DX. The Openlife grid is accessible using the Openlife R17 viewer, which can be downloaded at Its functionality is similar to Second Life's main grid. Since its release, more than 50,000 accounts have been created. OpenLife runs on the graphics system WindLight as the main grid does.

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