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Oski on Sproul Plaza
University University of California, Berkeley
Conference Pac-12
Description anthropomorphic bear
First seen 1941
Oski is also another name for the god Odin from Norse mythology (see List of names of Odin) and was Argentine caricaturist Oscar Conti's nickname, as well.

Oski or Oski the Bear (named after the "Oski Wow-Wow" yell) is the official mascot of the University of California, Berkeley and has been a tradition at the school since making his debut on September 26, 1941 during the football season-opener against St. Mary's. Up until 1941, live bears were used as mascots. Nowadays, the bear's activities are overseen by the Oski Committee, which also appoints a new Oski whenever a replacement is required. Oski drinks through a hole in his right eye,[1], stands at 5-foot-7-inches, and wears a size 15 shoe.

Oski's identity is protected by the Committee and wearers of the suit generally do not disclose their having worn the suit. There may be multiple members of the Committee who wear the suit depending on their schedules.

Oski as presented in Cal fight songs[edit]

Oski is named after an old yell once done by the student body at Cal. References in songs to Oski are invariably because of the old Oski yell, not the mascot himself. The Golden Bear is referenced in many Cal songs, but not in direct reference to Oski.

The Stanford Jonah --

When our Oski rips through the air. Like our friend Mister Jonah, Stanford's team will be found, In the tummy of the Golden Bear.

California, We're For You --

All our rival's hopes are doomed to die, When our Golden Bear looks down on high; Hear our Oski's mighty thunder, California we're for you!


Let the echoes ring our Oski California we're for you!

California Marching Song --

Californians fight with the sturdy might of the growling Golden Bear. Our Oski sounds and shakes the ground As vict'ry fills the air.

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