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Not to be confused with Overland (magazine).
The Overland Monthly 1869
Bret Harte,1868

Overland Monthly was a monthly magazine based in California, United States, and published in the 19th and 20th centuries.

SF Chronicle Mutt and Jeff Advertisement in the Overland, 1916
Overland Monthly cover, January 1919

The magazine's first issue was in July 1868, published by Bret Harte in San Francisco, and continued until the late 1875. The original publishers, in 1880, started The Californian, which became The Californian and Overland Monthly in October 1882. In January 1883, the effort reverted to The Overland Monthly (starting again with Volume I, number 1). It was based in San Francisco until at least 1921.[1] In 1923 the magazine merged with Out West to become Overland Monthly and the Out West magazine, and ended publication in July 1935.

Noted writers, editors, and artists associated with the magazine included:

Editors include:

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