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Pacific National XRB class
XRB561 at South Dynon in June 2006
Type and origin
Power type Diesel-electric
Builder Pacific National, South Dynon
Model GT26C-3B
Build date 2005/06
Total produced 3
Gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)
Length 18.34 m (60 ft 2 in)
Locomotive weight 124 t (273,373.2 lb)
Fuel type Diesel
Prime mover Electro-Motive Diesel 16-645E3C
Generator Electro-Motive Diesel AR10A4
Traction motors Electro-Motive Diesel D77B, DC type
Performance figures
Maximum speed 115 km/h (71 mph)
Power output 2,461 kW (3,300 hp)
Operator(s) Pacific National
Number in class 3
Number(s) XRB560–XRB562
Current owner Pacific National- Rural and Bulk
Disposition 3 in service

The XRB class are a class of diesel locomotives built by Pacific National in 2005/06.


The XRB class were built by Pacific National at their South Dynon workshops They are mechanically similar to the XR class, but are B units without driving cabs. The class are used as booster units on standard gauge interstate freight trains. Hostlers controls are fitted for moving the locomotive about yards and depots, but on the main line they must be led by a locomotive with a conventional driving cab.[1][2][3]

Status table[edit]

Locomotive Entered service Livery Gauge
XRB560 21 Dec 2005 Pacific National Standard
XRB561 1 Jun 2006 Pacific National Standard
XRB562 Pacific National Standard


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