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Race details
Date August–September
Region France, Luxembourg
English name Paris–Luxembourg
Local name(s) Paris–Luxembourg (French)
Discipline Road
Competition Super Prestige Pernod Competition
Type Stage race
First edition 1963 (1963)
Editions 8
Final edition 1970
First winner  Rudi Altig (GER)
Final winner  Eric de Vlaeminck (BEL)

The Paris–Luxembourg was a professional cycle race held as a stage race between Paris and Luxembourg.


Rider Team
1963 Germany Altig, RudiRudi Altig (GER)
1964 Belgium van Looy, RikRik van Looy (BEL)
1965 France Stablinski, JeanJean Stablinski (FRA)
1966 France Novak, AnatoleAnatole Novak (FRA)
1967 Netherlands Janssen, JanJan Janssen (NED)
1968 Italy Dancelli, MicheleMichele Dancelli (ITA)
1969 Belgium Merckx, EddyEddy Merckx (BEL)
1970 Belgium De Vlaeminck, ErikErik De Vlaeminck (BEL)