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For the earlier Chicago-based blues label, see Parrot Records (blues label).
Label of Them's "Gloria", released by Parrot, originally released and recorded by Decca

Parrot Records was an American record label, a division of London Records, which started in 1964. The label usually licensed (or leased) recordings made by Decca Records, England for the release in the USA and Canada, most notably by The Zombies, Tom Jones, Engelbert Humperdinck, Them, Jonathan King, Hedgehoppers Anonymous, Lulu, Bobby "Boris" Pickett (reissued from Garpax), Savoy Brown, Alan Price, Love Sculpture (reissued from EMI) and Frijid Pink. The label, which lasted until 1979, never produced its own recordings.[1] After Parrot became defunct, its artists were moved to the London label. The Parrot catalogue is currently managed by Polydor, a unit of Universal Music Group in the US.

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