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Paterson Rangers was a U.S. soccer team which played in Paterson, New Jersey during the early twentieth century. They spent two seasons in New York’s Metropolitan Association Football League and nine in the National Association Football League


The origins of the Paterson Rangers is unknown, but they entered the Metropolitan Association Football League for the 1904-1905 season and on April 25, 1905 lost to the New York Caledonians in the semifinals of the New York State Cup.[1] In 1906, the Rangers joined the professional National Association Football League and remained in that league until 1915. No records for the Rangers exist after that year.


Year League Standing American Cup
1904/05 MAFL  ?  ?
1905/06 MAFL  ?  ?
1906/07 NAFBL 6th  ?
1907/08 NAFBL 2nd  ?
1908/09 NAFBL 6th  ?
1909/10 NAFBL 7th Third round
1910/11 NAFBL 3rd  ?
1911/12 NAFBL 4th Final
1912/13 NAFBL 8th First Round
1913/14 NAFBL 5th  ?
1914/15 NAFBL 7th  ?


League Championship

  • Runner Up (1): 1908

American Cup

  • Runner Up (1): 1912

Clan MacDonald Cup

  • Winner (1): 1909

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