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Patrick Ward (born 1937) is a British photographer who has published collections of his own work on British and other subjects as well as working on commissions for the press.

Life and career[edit]

Ward became interested in photography while doing National Service when a friend sent him the book of The Family of Man.[1] He started out as an assistant to the photographer John Chillingworth (previously at Picture Post), and his own work was published in "Manplan" at The Architectural Review,[2] the Observer Magazine, the Sunday Times Magazine, and the Telegraph Magazine.[3]

In his own time, Ward worked on a portrayal of the English at play that resulted in the book Wish You Were Here, published in 1976 by Gordon Fraser in a uniform edition with Homer Sykes' Once a Year. This was also an observation of the class divisions of England.[1]

Ward was one of a number of photographers who contributed to Bill Jay's short-lived Album, and Jay credits his and David Hurn's generosity with saving him from starvation during that period.[4]

Commenting on Wish You Were Here and Flags Flying (1977), Daniela Mrázková wrote that "Ward is not a reporter but rather [an] essayist who can relate serious matters in a totally unserious manner. . . ."[1]


Books by Ward[edit]

  • Wish You Were Here: The English at Play. London: Gordon Fraser, 1976. ISBN 0-900406-70-4. With an introduction and commentary by James Cameron.
  • Flags Flying. London: Gordon Fraser, 1977. ISBN 0-86092-000-3.
  • Amsterdam. The Great Cities. Amsterdam: Time-Life, 1977. Text by Hans Koning.
    • Amsterdam. Die grossen Städte. Amsterdam: Time-Life, 1977. ISBN 90-6182-271-8(German)
    • Amsterdam. Les Grandes Cités. Amsterdam: Time-Life, 1977. (French)
    • Amusuterudamu (アムステルダム) / Amsterdam. Raifu sekai no daitoshi. Tokyo: Time-Life, 1978. (Japanese)
  • Bike Riders. Harrow House, 1980. Text by various authors.
    • Bike Riders. Munich: Christian, 1980. (German)
    • Moto évasion: Un univers. Paris: EPA, 1981. ISBN 2-85120-117-4(French)
    • Bike riders: de wereld van de snelle machines. Amsterdam: De Lantaarn, 1981. ISBN 90-70485-01-X(Dutch)
  • Sandhurst: The Royal Military Academy: 250 years. Shrewsbury: Harmony House, 1990. ISBN 0-916509-98-2. Text by David G. Chandler.
  • Essentially English. London: Michael O'Mara, 2003. ISBN 1-84317-003-5. New edition self-published at, 2008.[5]
  • Land of the Free: On the Road in 1980's America Self-published at, 2008.[6]
  • Wish You Were Here: England at Play in the 1970's. Self-published at, 2008.[7]
  • Jo and Laszlo's Wedding in a Field. Self-published at, 2008.[8]
  • Christie's: London's Great Auction House. Self-published at, 2010.[9]
  • Fallen Angels: Barcelona's Gaudi, Carnaval and Santa Eulalia. Self-published at, 2010.[10]
  • Londoners! Self-published at, 2010.[11] Revised edition, self-published at, 2010.[12]
  • The Thames: London's Great River from Source to Sea. Self-published at, 2010.[13]
  • Being English. Liverpool: Bluecoat, 2014. ISBN 978-1908457219.
  • Manplan One. Southport: Café Royal, 2015. Edited by Craig Atkinson. Edition of 200 copies.

Other book appearances[edit]

  • Discovering Britain and Ireland. Washington, D.C.: National Geographic Books, 1985. ISBN 0-87044-598-7. ISBN 0-87044-599-5. Contributor.
  • Jay, Bill. Photographers Photographed. Salt Lake City: Peregrine Smith, 1983. ISBN 0-87905-146-9. Ward is one of the photographers photographed.
  • Lane, Barry, ed. British Image 2. London: Arts Council of Great Britain, 1976. ISBN 0-7287-0093-X. Ward's series "Games People Play", excerpted from Wish You Were Here, appears on pp. 67–77.
  • Perry, Grayson, ed. Unpopular Culture: Grayson Perry Selects from the Arts Council Collection. London: Hayward, 2008. ISBN 1-85332-267-9.

Group exhibitions[edit]

Permanent collections[edit]


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