Paul-Marie Yembit

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Paul-Marie Yembit (22 December 1917 – 1979) was a vice president of Gabon under Léon M'ba.

A member of the Bapounou people,[1] he was born at Moussambou[2] and educated in local Catholic schools, then at the public secondary school of Lambaréné. He was a businessman in Mouila from 1943 to 1952, then was elected to the Territorial Assembly, representing N'Gounié province. In March 1957, he was reelected to the Legislative Assembly. A member of the Gabonese Democratic Bloc, he also became the Minister of Agriculture and Livestock in March 1957, later holding ministerial posts until becoming vice president in February 1961. M'ba replaced Yembit with Omar Bongo in November 1966, and had elections held the following year to confirm Bongo's position.[1]



Preceded by
Position created
Vice President of Gabon
Succeeded by
Omar Bongo