Peel River (Canada)

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For the Australian river, see Peel River (New South Wales).
Coordinates: 67°0′0″N 134°59′3″W / 67.00000°N 134.98417°W / 67.00000; -134.98417
Peel River
Peel River NWT 1845.jpg
Peel River, 1845
Country Canada
Province Yukon, Northwest Territories
Source Ogilvie Mountains
Mouth Mackenzie River
 - location Mackenzie Delta
 - coordinates 67°0′0″N 134°59′3″W / 67.00000°N 134.98417°W / 67.00000; -134.98417 [1]
Basin 73,600 km2 (28,400 sq mi) [2]
Discharge for Fort McPherson
 - average 691 m3/s (24,402 cu ft/s) [3]
 - max 8,800 m3/s (310,769 cu ft/s)
 - min 46.8 m3/s (1,653 cu ft/s)

The Peel River (Teetl'it Gwinjik[4] in Gwich’in) is a tributary of the Mackenzie River in the Yukon and Northwest Territories in Canada. Its source is in the Ogilvie Mountains in the central Yukon at the confluence of the Ogilvie River and Blackstone River. Its main tributaries are:

The Peel River joins the Mackenzie in the Mackenzie Delta. However, a distributary of the Peel is the headwater for a channel that later collects distributaries of the Mackenzie. This means that a channel can be followed for a longer distance downriver until it, itself, disseminates into the shared delta. This arguably adds a greater length to the Peel River.

The Dempster Highway crosses it at Fort McPherson, Northwest Territories via a ferry during the summer months and an ice bridge during the winter. The Peel River is a wilderness river and Fort McPherson is the only community along its banks. The Yukon part of the Peel Watershed is undergoing land use planning.

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