Personal Affair

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Personal Affair
"Personal Affair".jpg
Directed by Anthony Pelissier
Produced by Anthony Darnsborough
Written by Lesley Storm from her play "A Day's Mischief"
Starring Gene Tierney
Leo Genn
Glynis Johns
Music by William Alwyn
Cinematography Reginald H. Wyer
Edited by Frederick Wilson
Two Cities Films
Distributed by United Artists
Release date(s) 21 December 1953 (UK)
15 October 1954 (US)
Running time 82 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Personal Affair is a 1953 British drama film directed by Anthony Pelissier and starring Gene Tierney, Leo Genn, and Glynis Johns.[1][2][3] It was made at Pinewood Studios by Two Cities Films.

Plot summary[edit]

Johns plays Barbara Vining, a teen-age student that has an unrequited crush on her Latin teacher, Stephen Barlow (Genn). When Barlow's wife Kay (Tierney) finds out about this, she confronts Barbara, who is humiliated and runs off. Stephen chases after her to try to calm her down near a local river.

Barbara does not return home to her parents for three days, during which time Stephen is accused by the community of causing her death without any evidence, causing him to lose his job and nearly his marriage. Walter Fitzgerald and Megs Jenkins play her parents Henry and Vi, and Pamela Brown plays her spinster Aunt Evelyn, who lives with the family and with her gossip and innuendo, makes the situation worse.


Critical reaction[edit]

The film was reviewed by Bosley Crowther of the New York Times in the October 23, 1954 edition. Crowther called the film "a decent, eventually tedious film".[4]


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