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Peter Beverley (1668–1728) was a Speaker of the House of Burgesses and Treasurer of Virginia. He was born in Jamestown.[1]

Ancestry and family[edit]

Beverley was the first of three sons born to Major Robert Beverley and his wife, Mary of Yorkshire, England. He married Elizabeth Peyton, the daughter of Major Robert Peyton, and had three daughters: Susanna, Elizabeth and Anne.[1] His daughter, Elizabeth, married William Randolph II around 1705 and had five children that lived to adulthood.[2][3] His daughter, Susanna, married Sir John Randolph. His daughter Anne married Henry Whiting. Peter was the grandfather of Elizabeth Whiting who married Dr. John Clayton. Peter was also the grandfather of Peyton Randolph, a speaker of the Virginia House of Burgesses, chairman of the Virginia Conventions, and the first President of the Continental Congress[citation needed]; as well as the great-grandfather of Beverley Randolph, the eighth Governor of Virginia[2] and William Fitzhugh's wife, Ann Bolling Randolph Fitzhugh.[4]

The Randolphs were lineal descendants of Pocahontas.[5]


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