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Phil Rickman (also known under the pen names of Thom Madley and Will Kingdom) is a British author of supernatural and mystery novels.[1] He was born in Lancashire in northern England and worked as a journalist for BBC World Service TV and BBC Radio 4. He published his first book, Candlenight, in 1991 and began his Merrily Watkins in 1998.[2] In 2010 he began the John Dee Papers series, which focuses on the Welsh mathematician and astrologer John Dee.[3] Rickman has also worked on several music albums based upon his books and has helped write many of the albums' songs.[4]

In his writing, Rickman states that he performs research into the folklore, religion, and supernatural themes in his books, citing that "If I can't believe it, it doesn't go in".[2] He has also voiced his unhappiness over his earlier works labeling him as a horror writer, stating that he felt that the books did not fit neatly within the genre.[2]


Standalone novels[edit]

  • Candlenight (1991)
  • Crybbe (Curfew in the USA) (1993)[5]
  • The Man in the Moss (1994)
  • December (1994)
  • The Chalice (1997)
  • The Cold Calling (1998, as Will Kingdom)
  • Mean Spirit (2001, as Will Kingdom)
  • Night After Night (2014)

John Dee Papers[edit]

  1. The Bones of Avalon (2010)[6][7]
  2. The Heresy of Dr Dee (2012)

Marco series[edit]

  1. Marco's Pendulum (2006, as Thom Madley)
  2. Marco and the Blade of Night (2007, as Thom Madley)

Merrily Watkins series[edit]

  1. The Wine of Angels (1998)
  2. Midwinter of the Spirit (1999)
  3. A Crown of Lights (2001)
  4. The Cure of Souls (2001)
  5. The Lamp of the Wicked (2002)
  6. The Prayer of the Night Shepherd (2004)
  7. The Smile of a Ghost (2005)
  8. The Remains of an Altar (2006)[8]
  9. The Fabric of Sin (2007)
  10. To Dream of the Dead (2008)
  11. The Secrets of Pain (2011)
  12. The Magus of Hay (2013)


  • Merrily's Border (with photographer John Mason) (2009)


  • Songs from Lucy's Cottage (2009, by Lol Robinson and Hazey Jane II)[9]
  • A Message from the Morning (2010, by Lol Robinson and Hazey Jane II)
  • Abbey Tapes: the Exorcism (2011, by Philosopher's Stone, based upon the novel December)


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