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Coin of Phraates IV on the left, and Musa on the right.

Phraates V (Persian: فرهاد پنجم‎), known by the diminutive Phraataces (Ancient Greek: Φραατάκης), ruled the Parthian Empire from 2 BC to AD 4. He was the younger son of Phraates IV of Parthia (37–2 BC) and Musa of Parthia, with whom he is associated on his coins. Under Phraates V a war threatened to break out with Rome about the supremacy in Armenia and Media. But when Augustus (27 BC – AD 14) sent his adopted son Gaius Caesar into the east in order to invade Iran, the Parthians preferred to conclude a treaty (AD 1), by which once again Armenia was recognized as in the Roman sphere. Soon afterwards Phraates V and his mother were slain by the Parthians, about 4. Josephus alleges that Phraates V married his mother Musa, and, this being unacceptable to the Parthians, they rose up and overthrew him, offering the crown to Orodes III of Parthia (who ruled briefly in 6).


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Phraates V
Born: Unknown Died: AD 4
Preceded by
Phraates IV
Great King (Shah) of Parthia
2 BC – AD 4
Succeeded by
Orodes III