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The Piers Gaveston Society is a secret dining club at the University of Oxford with membership limited to 12 undergraduates. It is named in honour of Piers Gaveston, favourite and supposed lover of King Edward II of England. Its members have a reputation for indulging in bizarre entertainments and sexual excess. Traditionally, the society organises secret bacchanalian parties for hundreds of friends, who are whisked away to secret locations (usually grand country mansions) to enjoy a night of Bollinger champagne, beluga caviar, multitudinous illegal drugs, and public copulation.[1][2] Words most often associated with this society are decadence and debauchery.[3]

Notable members[edit]

Name Notable for...
Rory Stewart[4] Member of Parliament
Nat Rothschild[2] Financier, scion of the Rothschild family.
Darius Guppy[5] Convicted of fraud in 1993, he was best man at the wedding of his friend Charles Spencer, the brother of Diana, Princess of Wales
Count Gottfried von Bismarck[6] Descendant of Otto von Bismarck
Tom Parker Bowles[7] Son of The Duchess of Cornwall & stepson of The Prince of Wales
Hugh Grant[8] English actor and film producer.
Ian Hislop[9] Satirist and Private Eye editor.


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