Pinto Dam

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map of the Columbia Basin Project in central Washington; Pinto Dam forms Billy Clapp Lake at the top of green area

Pinto Dam is a dam in Grant County, Washington.

The dam was a project of the United States Bureau of Reclamation, completed from 1946 through 1948 as one element of the vast Columbia Basin Project for irrigation water storage, flood control, and hydroelectric power generation.[1] Pinto Dam is an earthen structure, 130 feet high and 1900 feet long at its crest, that provides offstream storage of water.[2]

The six-mile-long crescent-shaped reservoir it creates, Billy Clapp Lake, was originally called Long Lake Reservoir, but was renamed for one of the sponsors of the project,[3] a lawyer from Ephrata, Washington.[4] The lake offers year-round fishing for yellow perch, crappie, rainbow trout, and walleye.[5] The Stratford Wildlife Recreation Area borders Billy Clapp Lake on its eastern shore and hosts migrating waterfowl. Another sizable lake, Brook Lake, also stands below the dam.


Coordinates: 47°26′51″N 119°14′57″W / 47.44751°N 119.24923°W / 47.44751; -119.24923