Pizza Man (2011 film)

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Pizza Man
Directed by Joe Eckardt
Produced by Rock On! Films
JNK Entertainment
Starring Frankie Muniz
Shelley Long
Michael Gross
Ashley Parker Angel
Dallas Page
Adam West
Release dates 2014
Country United States
Language English
Budget $3,000,000

Pizza Man is a 2011 low-budget, superhero film directed by Joe Eckardt and starring Frankie Muniz, Shelley Long, Michael Gross, Ashley Parker Angel, Dallas Page and Adam West.


Matt Burns is a college student who works full-time at his mother's Pizza restaurant in order to afford to go to college. He is involved in an incident at a lab where he is shot, however, a scientist, Professor Tucker, gives him a tomato which grants him superpowers. However, villains begin to pursue him, intent on taking the powers for themselves.[1]



Filming occurred outside a pizza restaurant in Burbank, California, and in a Los Angeles-area factory. The director talked about the difficulties of filming in the factory, saying "It was a six-story factory with a basement [that was] perfect for a zombie film or a 'Saw' torture film... despite the sinus problems it caused. For my breathing, not too good. For the movie, it looked freaking phenomenal." The film will feature cameos from Dallas Page, Stan Lee, Adam West, Roddy Piper, Ashley Parker Angel, David H. Lawrence XVII, James Milano, Noah Gray-Cabey, and Leonard Roberts.[2] The film was released on DVD on July 8, 2014 at Walmart &[3]


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