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Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance Marvel Two-in-One #54 (August 1979)
Created by Mark Gruenwald
Ralph Macchio
In-story information
Alter ego Marian Pouncy
Team affiliations Grapplers
Abilities Experienced street fighter and wrestler
Superhuman strength, speed, durability and reflexes
Ability to create minor localized earth tremors with her boots

Poundcakes (Marian Pouncy) is a supervillainess in the Marvel Comics Universe and former member of the female villain team, the Grapplers.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Marian Pouncy was born in Garden City, New Jersey. She began her career as a professional wrestler known as Poundcakes, until she was imprisoned for extortion. There, she met Screaming Mimi, and told her about her teammates in the Grapplers. After they escaped from prison, they rejoined Poundcakes' teammates Letha and Titania. The group was then contracted by the Roxxon Oil Company to become professional criminals, and given special powers by the Power Broker. Poundcakes was given superhuman strength along with her teammates, but also a pair of "seismatic boots", which gives her the ability to create tremors and minor earthquakes by stomping the ground. [1]

One mission joined the Grapplers with Thundra, a powerful female warrior, with whom they wrestled in a practice match.[2] The Grapplers were able to convince Thundra to aid them in smuggling the Nth Projector into Project Pegasus, but quickly turned on her and ran off to do their own thing. Poundcakes and Titania were confronted by Giant-Man. He was able to grab Titania, but Poundcakes launched him into a fiery pit of acid. He was able to climb back up, only to be attacked by both women. Poundcakes stomped on his foot, shrinking Giant-Man back down to size. Both Poundcakes and Titania grabbed one of Giant-Man's arms, planning to pull his limbs apart. However, using the last of his strength, Giant-Man grabbed the two mercenaries and smashed them together, knocking them out cold.[3]

Poundcakes was next seen with her accomplices in Ryker's Island prison. After Dazzler is charged for the death of Klaw and sent to the same prison, the Grapplers kidnap her and attempt to find out how she killed him. Dazzler refuses to answer anything, which causes Poundcakes to beat her. Dazzler tries to stop the large woman from attacking her, but is unable to do anything. However, as soon as Screaming Mimi uses her powers on Dazzler, she is able to absorb the sound and use it against the Grapplers, defeating them.[4]

After breaking out of prison with her teammates, Poundcakes and the Grapplers decide to pay a visit to the Thing, who helped put them in prison after their mission against Project Pegasus. However, as soon as they arrive at the hospital where the Thing is, they were suddenly ambushed by Captain America. Poundcakes immediately attacks the super-hero, but he uses his shield to protect himself from her assault. He was soon able to defeat her by throwing her with his shield, but she and the other Grapplers quickly recovered. Captain America was soon given back-up by the X-Men, who made quick work of the Grapplers.[5] They were later seen alongside a large army of super-villains, including MODOK, Constrictor, Whiplash, and Mole Man, as they banded together in attempt to kill the Thing.[volume & issue needed]

Poundcakes and the Grapplers were revealed to have been strength augmented by the Power Broker, and they all participated in a big brawl against the Thing.[6] Although her teammates Letha and Titania were soon killed by the Scourge of the Underworld, Poundcakes continued her career in villainy. She was approached by Jackhammer, who showed romantic interest in her. She, however, was not interested, and felt enraged that he would flirt with her in public. Fearing for her reputation, she began creating tremors and attacked Jackhammer. Anaconda, aiding her friend Diamondback on her date with Captain America, attacked Poundcakes and Jackhammer. Asp's paralyzing blasts rendered the pair unconscious, and they drove off, dumping their bodies elsewhere.[7] Poundcakes later received an invitation to join Superia's Femizons, which she accepted. Aboard the S.S. Superia, Poundcakes battled Captain America and Paladin, once attempting to tear Paladin's limbs apart alongside Titania, Frenzy, and Pink Pearl.[8] After Superia's plans failed, Poundcakes returned to being a freelance mercenary.

Poundcakes was later seen pushing contraband to Atlanteans, to which U.S. Agent was sent after her. After she made the trade, the Atlanteans asked her to aid them in battle, but she refused and immediately left. U.S. Agent found her, but she was able to escape to the surface, where they battled once more. Poundcakes was able to escape after a helicopter arrived to pick her up, but drops her merchandise. This leads U.S. Agent to the Power Broker.[9]

Poundcakes was seen at "The Bar With No Name," with several other super-villains. She, alongside the villains, placed bets on if they thought Spider-Man would appear to battle a new villain. After they realized the Bookie was cheating them, Poundcakes participated in the bar-room brawl against Spider-Man. [10]

Poundcakes was also seen sexually harassing the Beast, Hank McCoy.[11]

Powers and abilities[edit]

Poundcakes was given superhuman strength, speed, durability, and reflexes by the Power Broker.

Roxxon Oil technicians have provided her with "seismatic boots", the heels of which contain shockwave generators capable of creating minor localized earth tremors. The full force of her attacks are sufficient enough to overturn a small automobile.

She has extensive experience in street-fighting and wrestling.

Other versions[edit]

DC Crossover[edit]

Poundcakes appeared briefly in JLA/Avengers, battling Big Sir. [12]


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