Prague Fringe Festival

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Prague Festival Fringe
Genre Arts festival
Location(s) Prague, Czech Republic
Years active 2001-present
Inaugurated 2001

The Prague Fringe Festival is an annual event held every May and June in Prague, Czech Republic. It is a fringe festival, on the model of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Founded in 2001, by Steven Gove, who lives in Prague, and Angus Coull who was then based there, as well as Newcastle-based Carole Wears. The festival brings more than 200 artists in about 45 shows to produce a wide variety of interesting works in alternative theatre, dance, music and comedy outside the mainstream.

The Prague Fringe Festival takes place in eight venues, varying from the backroom of a bar to a full proscenium arch theatre, with several different performances in each space each day.

The 11th Prague Fringe Festival is from 1st to 9th June 2012

A study of the festival by Newcastle University sociologist Professor Robert Hollands is available for viewing on the website below. His qualitative and quantitative survey includes quotes from participants a few of which are included here:

"I love this festival" Audience member, Czech National.

"Really impressed by the enthusiasm and quality of performers. Good variety of shows and a well organised event" Tourist, Scotland.

"This festival has changed my life" Performer, Canada.

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