President of the Generalitat Valenciana

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President of Valencian Community
Flag of the Valencian Community (2x3).svg
Alberto Fabra

since 2011
Inaugural holder José Luis Albiñana Olmos
Formation 1978

The President of the Generalitat Valenciana (Valencian: President de la Generalitat Valenciana) is the head of government of the Spanish autonomous community of Valencian Community. The President is chosen by the Valencian parliament, the Corts Valencianes.

List of Presidents of the Valencian Community[edit]

Name[1] Took Office Party
José Luis Albiñana Olmos April 1978[2] PSOE
Enrique Monsonís December 1979[3] UCD
Joan Lerma December 1982 PSOE
Eduardo Zaplana July 1995 PP/UV*
José Luis Olivas July 2002 PP
Francisco Camps June 2003 PP
Alberto Fabra June 2011 PP

*UV lost their seats at the 1999 elections and thereafter the PP governed alone.


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