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Printers Inc. Bookstore
Former type Private subsidiary
Fate Out of business
Founded 1978 (1978)
Defunct 2001 (2001)
Headquarters Palo Alto, California, United States
Number of locations 2
  • Books
  • Magazines

Printers Inc. Bookstore (1978-2001) was an independent bookstore in Palo Alto, California, not far from Stanford University. It is referenced in section 8.14 of Stanford University alumus Vikram Seth's 1986 novel, The Golden Gate.[1][2]

Printers Inc. was founded in 1978 by "alumni" of Kepler's Books in nearby Menlo Park.[3][4] The original store was located on California Avenue in Palo Alto. A second store was located on Castro Street in Mountain View, California.[5] The Printers Inc. Cafe, next door to the bookstore, is under separate management.[6]

In December 1998, Printers Inc. announced that it would be closing.[6][7][8] The local community protested the closing, however, and in March 1999 Printers Inc. found new management.[9] This management lasted until 2001 when Printers Inc. Bookstore closed for good.[10][11][12][13] The Printers Inc. Cafe remained open.[6][14]

The 2006 documentary Indies Under Fire tells the story of Printers Inc. and other independent bookstores impacted by the new economy.[3][15][16] Director Jacob Bricca stated that he made the documentary after Printers Inc. closed: "I took the [store's closing] very personally [...] I grew up in Palo Alto and spent many hours reading and hanging out at Printers Inc. I saw the strong connection the community had to the bookstore and, like others in the film, was very distressed at its closing."[17]

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