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The professorial degree or professorial title is an academic degree or title more advanced than the habilitation, awarded in some countries, including Poland[1] and Germany. Awarding of a professorial title in these countries is not usually equivalent to employment in a professorial position.

In some[which?] countries, the status of Professor is awarded as a recognition of sustained academic excellence equivalent in standing to an honorary doctorate, but this is not a degree per se. The degree of Sacrae Theologiae Professor (STP), which was formerly awarded by the Pontifical University, is now titled Sacrae Theologiae Doctor (STD) to conform with the Bologna process.

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  1. ^ "prof. dr hab. Roman Juszkiewicz" (in Polish). 2012. Archived from the original on 2012-02-07. Retrieved 2012-02-07. Uzyskany tytuł profesora” means "gained the title of professor".