Pseudomonas azotoformans

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Pseudomonas azotoformans
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Bacteria
Phylum: Proteobacteria
Class: Gamma Proteobacteria
Order: Pseudomonadales
Family: Pseudomonadaceae
Genus: Pseudomonas
Species: P. azotoformans
Binomial name
Pseudomonas azotoformans
Iizuka and Komagata 1963
Type species
CCUG 12536

CIP 106744
IAM 1603
JCM 2777
NBRC 12693

Pseudomonas azotoformans is a Gram-negative bacterium that infects cereal grains[1]—especially rice. It is thought to be able to fix nitrogen.[2] Based on 16S rRNA analysis, P. azotoformans has been placed in the P. fluorescens group.[3]


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