Ptolemaic Terrascope

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Ptolemaic Terrascope
Ptolemaic Terrascope logo
Editor Phil McMullen (1988–2005)
Pat Thomas (2005–present)
Categories music
Frequency twice a year
Publisher Nick Saloman
First issue May 1989
Company Woronzow Records
Country  England (1989–2005)
 USA (Oakland, CA, 2005–present)
Language English
ISSN 1472-9639

Ptolemaic Terrascope is a magazine covering old and new music, usually of a psychedelic nature. It has been published irregularly since 1989. Although originally published by the Woronzow record label, it was never simply a vehicle for publicizing Nick Saloman's band the Bevis Frond or other artists on his Woronzow label, but rather covers a wide variety of bands and artists from the 1960s to the present day. Issues typically come with a 7" vinyl record or latterly a CD, and sometimes also special inserts such as artwork, scrap books, and discount coupons.

In March 2005, editor Phil McMullen announced that the magazine would be coming under new management and relocating from Britain to North America. The domain name has been retained by McMullen for the website Terrascope Online, featuring reviews, interviews, articles and artwork by the majority of the former Ptolemaic Terrascope staff.

The Terrascope Online website also acts as a focus for the semi-annual Terrastock indie rock festivals which, since 1997, Phil McMullen has curated.

According to the magazine, the name Ptolemaic Terrascope has no real meaning. Their official web page explains, "Ptolemy is a tortoise who lives at Terrascope Towers. Terrascope is a word Phil made up because (a) it matched the artwork we'd designed for the first issue, and (b) we like the Captain Beefheart song 'Tarotplane'."


  • Pat Thomas, editor (2005–)
  • Phil McMullen, editor (1988–2005)


(editions 1-35) Phil McMullen, Nick Saloman, R.M. "Cyke" Bancroft, Mick Dillingham, Fred Mills, Bruce Bannockburn, Dave Barker, Chris Eckman, Mike Ware, Mick Donovan, Colin Hill, "Mad" Louie Biondi, Barry Dransfield, Dave Stewart, Jan Saloman, Alan Kidd, Gary Crofts, Francis Ives, Rod Goodway, Deke Leonard, Chip Lamey, C.D. Webb, Steve Pescott, Bari Watts, Dave Telado, Adrian Taylor, Chris Burgess, Martin Wakeling, Neal Skok, Nigel Cross, Jud Cost, Stuart Pope, Jamie Sellers, Pat Thomas, Mark Murden, Bill Parry, John O'Regan, Paul Simmons, Steve Rowland, Trevor Hodgett, Sean Kelly, Anthony Clark, Dave Brown, Kenny McDonald, Davina Ware, Dave Burnham, David Bennison, David Tibet, Michael Piper, Erik Lindgren, Edwin Pouncey, Carrie Hourihan, Brian Hinton, Carl Arnheiter, Jon Bernhardt, Tony Dale, Richard Allen,Michael Harrison, Jonathan Dale, Johnny Black, Dave Pearce, Sally Irvine, Kelly Stoltz, Jim Powers, Eric Miller, Richie Unterberger, Matt Maxwell, Damon Krukowski, Marc Minsker, John Berg, Neil Mortimer, Matthew Greenwald, Tim Forster, Colin Scott, Karl Ikola, Mark Brend, Steve Rowling, Dave Sheppard, Ralf Bei Der Kellen, Byron Coley, Mick Farren, Steve Hanson, Johnny Nostalgia, Lee Jackson, Mike McNamara, Jens Unosson, Craig Morrison, SM2B, Ron Sanchez, J. Bennett, Mason Jones, Alan Cummings, George Parsons, Jeff Penczak, Robby Lewry, Nick Warburton, Adrian Shaw, Dan Cairns, Mick Capewell, Gary Burns, Richard Gould, Uli Twelker, Timothy Renner, David Wilcox, John Cavenagh, Ben Vendetta, Faren Miller, Nick Bensen, Eric Arn, Jose Marmeleirala, Richard Morton Jack, Tract Sienkiewicz, Barry St. Vitus, Simon Lewis, Mats Gustafsson, Anthony Sanders, Mark Dagley and Dickie Straker.

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