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QI Title Card.jpg
Title card
Genre Comedy
Presented by Leoš Mareš
Starring Patrik Hezucký
Guest panellists
Theme music composer Howard Goodall
Country of origin  Czech Republic
No. of series 1
No. of episodes 12
Running time 30 minutes
45 minutes (XL)
Production company(s) Good TV Production
Original channel TV Prima
Picture format 16:9
Original run 14 August 2013 – 23 October 2013
Related shows QI (UK)
QI (Dutch)
Intresseklubben (Swedish)
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Production website

QI (Quite Interesting) is a Czech panel show aired by TV Prima. The format is based on the UK version of QI. The program is hosted by Leoš Mareš alongside regular guest Patrik Hezucký. On the show, Leoš Mareš asks interesting, often obscure questions, the guests can score points for answers that are funny and interesing.


As in the British version of QI, the series are themed around one letter of the alphabet.

Series A (2013)[edit]

Twelve episodes, all beginning with the letter "A", were broadcast on TV Prima.

Episode number[1] Title (English translation) Panelists Winner Air date Ratings
1 Auto
Adela Banášová
Miloš Knor
Prof.Cyril Höschl
Prof.Cyril Höschl 14 August 2013
17 August 2013 (XL)
2 Apokalypsa
Adela Banášová
Matěj Ruppert
Zbigniew Czendlik
Adela Banášová 21 August 2013
24 August 2013 (XL)
3 Absurdita
Dr. Ivo Šmoldas
Petr Vydra
Miloš Knor
Dr. Ivo Šmoldas 28 August 2013
31 August 2013 (XL)
4 Astronomie
Diana Kobzanová
Jakub Kohák
Dr. Ivo Šmoldas
Dr. Ivo Šmoldas 4 September 2013
7 September 2013 (XL)
5 Afrodisiaka
Sandra Pogodová
Jakub Kohák
Miloš Knor
Jakub Kohák 11 September 2013
14 September 2013 (XL)
6 Aero
Adela Banášová
Miloš Knor
Dr. Ivo Šmoldas
Miloš Knor 18 September 2013
21 September 2013 (XL)
7 Afrika
Bohumil Klepl
Iva Pazderková
Dr. Ivo Šmoldas
Iva Pazderková 25 September 2013
28 September 2013 (XL)
8 Atletika
Adela Banášová
Ondřej Hejma
Jakub Kohák
Adela Banášová 2 October 2013
5 October 2013 (XL)
9 Amerika
Dominik Heřman Lev
Petr Vydra
Aleš Háma
Dominik Heřman Lev 9 October 2013
12 October 2013 (XL)
10 Alkohol
Edita Urbaníková
Zbigniew Czendlik
Ondřej Hejma
Ondřej Hejma 16 October 2013
19 October 2013 (XL)
11 Adam
Edita Urbaníková
Miloš Knor
Marcel Šůcha
Miloš Knor 23 October 2013
26 October 2013 (XL)
- Apetit (speciál)
(Apetit special)
Alice Bendová
Bohumil Klepl
Jakub Kohák
Alice Bendová a Patrik Hezucký 5 October 2013 0,214[13]


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